We are a father and son electrical team based in Glen Innes, NSW. We travel all over the New England connecting wires and fixing electrical installations. The old guy in the picture is me (Jason), and the strapping young man next to me is my son Bailey.

I am an Engineer and a licensed Electrician, Bailey is an up-and-coming Electrician.

No job is too big or too small.

Bailey and I are very passionate about a clean, zero-emissions future, and everything we do at SPARKS & SMOKE is a reflection of that.

SPARKS & SMOKE is new, but we have been on this journey for 10 years. We started by helping Glen Innes and surrounding regions adopt clean energy by creating a solar installation company. While we were installing solar panels we discovered there was technology missing. Without this technology, solar installations would have to slow down. So we started an electronics manufacturing business focusing on creating these missing technologies.

Today the regional adoption of solar and other renewable energy is accelerating, and our energy technologies are being sold around Australia and in other countries.

The final piece of the puzzle is to go out and prepare the community for what is coming.. And this is where SPARKS & SMOKE come in.

Bailey and I are assembling a team of Electrical Engineers and young Electricians to help our community adapt to the massive changes coming to Glen Innes and the surrounding communities as our national electricity system transforms. We are redefining how your house, shed, or factory is wired together, and how it interacts with Australia's electricity system.

Every time you call us; whether it's to design and install the electrical system for your new home, or you are calling us to change a light bulb, you are taking a step towards preparing your home or business for the new electricity system.

Our goal is to build a local workforce that is ready to jump right into the fastest growing industry in Australia..the electricity industry. Every time you call SPARKS & SMOKE we will use it as an opportunity for our young trainees to put their new skills into practice.

By supporting SPARKS & SMOKE you are helping strengthen our local economy, and helping to provide jobs for the next generation of young adults.